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Chocolate coconut bark

If you struggle with a sweet tooth like myself! :) then THIS is your answer!! Its’s super easy, only THREE ingredients, and can be made in MINUTES!! Sounds like a perfect recipe for this busy momma!


4 tbsp of coconut oil (organic)

2 tbsp of splenda (or your choice of artificial sweetener; may need to make adjustment for measurement if using stevia or truvia; depending on desired sweetness-should require less with these other options)

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

optional: peanut butter (1-2 tbsp) or almonds (or choice of nut)- amount to your liking


melt coconut in the microwave for just a few seconds until soft

mix in coconut oil with cocoa powder and splenda

Mix all three ingredients and pour into a flat, medium-sized container (I just use a ziploc plastic container….the bigger the surface the thinner your chocolate, the smaller the surface the thicker your chocolate) then FREEZE!

you will have a big chunk of chocolately goodness with lots of healthy fat that is great for your brain health and immune system, yet VERY low in carbs!

I LOVE adding natural peanut butter to mine (I suggest 1-2 tbsp) remember peanut butter has lots of healthy fat in it which will trigger the hormone leptin to let you know you are full…..therefore, be sure to listen to that hormone! Don’t eat it all at once! A little goes a long way! That’s the key to this healthy dessert option, the coconut oil (and additional PB or nuts if added) will bring great satisfaction and make you feel full fast, the cocoa and small amount of artificial sweetener will give you that small bite of sweet that you desire to kick the craving! We never want to overdo the use of artificial sweeteners knowing they have the potential to further trigger your sweet tooth craving if we overindulge. However, it is a better option in moderation than white sugar and things like high fructose corn syrup which is in so many of our processed desserts! I like to use fruit, such as berries as my main “sweet treat” and then add whipping cream and break off a piece of coconut bark to sprinkle over the top of my berries! Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm good!!! It’s also great by itself to swing by, break off a piece of indulge in a little piece of heaven!!! Enjoy!


Information on Ebola

Here are two links to some high quality resource material on Ebola and it’s associated Marburg virus.

It’s a good reminder that we live in a world full of microbes who desire to use us as their food source and means of propagation.  Without all our defensive mechanism, both those inherent to our physical bodies such as intact skin and a powerful immune system and those as attributes to a conscious mind such as knowledge of hand hygiene and proper sanitation measures, we would not stand a chance against this continual onslaught of invaders.  However, for the majority of humans we survive and thrive in the most hostile of microbial environments for decades on end.  We are the dominate species on the planet for many reasons but chief among them is that we have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

Ebola epidemiology and clinical symptoms

Ebola diagnosis and treatment