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Trinity Dispensary saves time and money

medications-money-cure-tablets-50997Medications can be a costly part of your healthcare.  We are continually seeking ways to help patients lower that cost or reduce the medications they need to take.  Trinity Medical Associates offers an in-house dispensary that allows you to fill your prescriptions before you leave the office. 

We make every effort to reduce the cost of medications often producing a solid savings for patients.  For instance, we recently saved one patient 30% on the monthly cost of a daily allergy medication and another patient 40% on the monthly cost of a daily anti-depressant medication.  We can’t make every medication cheaper, some are just down right expensive, but we offer fair and honest pricing with great service.

Many prescriptions can be processed through your insurance and our self-pay prices are very competitive.  We bring the same level of personal care you’ve come to know from our office to dispensing medications you need for your health.

Contact your doctor today if you are interested in receiving a quote on the price of your medications.


**Some restrictions apply.  As per state and federal regulations, we do not dispense controlled substances via mail.  Trinity Dispensary only dispenses medications prescribed by Trinity staff physicians and clinicians.  We do not fill prescriptions written by other physicians.



Changes to after-hours physician phone number

Trinity recently welcomed Dr. Katie Tipton to our physician staff.  She is board certified in Internal Medicine.  As such, when she is participates in the after-hours call schedule she will be on-call for patients 17 years of age and older.   One of the other physicians will be on-call for patients under 17 years of age on a rotating basis on those days.

We have updated our after-hours call system to allow patients to choose to connect with the adult or pediatric patient on call physician as needed.

All access to the on-call physicians can be now be obtained through the main office number of 865-539-0270.  The previous on-call number will forward to the new number for a period of time then be disconnected.


Employers lower healthcare spending with Onsite Clinics and Direct Primary Care

blood pressure cuffTrinity Medical Associates offers two  excellent options for employers seeking to lower their healthcare spending while maintaining a high level of employee care and accountability.

The first choice is a Trinity Onsite Clinic.  We can setup, staff, and operate a full service primary care office within your facility.  With a Trinity provider onsite during the work day employees have ready access to a trusted healthcare profession from their community.  Follow up visits, wellness and nutrition counseling, and preventative health visits can all be obtained with minimal work interruption.  Trinity has become the second largest independent primary care group in the area and are able to provide a great depth of resources which are at the disposal of the onsite clinician.  Lab draws, point of care testing, referrals to specialists, and all typical primary care office services can be arranged through the onsite clinic.  Visits are most often processed on a fee-for-service basis through the employers health benefits plan.  Trinity operates several onsite clinics in the region and has the experience to establish new locations quickly and competently.

Dr.McColl-9768-683x1024The second choice is to provide employees a membership in Trinity Direct Primary Care.  Trinity established their Direct Primary Care (DPC) program in January 2016 and now operates the largest DPC practice in the region with offices in Hardin Valley and Maryville.  DPC focuses on providing members a comprehensive primary care experience through a low cost monthly membership fee.  Members have the freedom to directly contact their DPC physician via phone or email throughout the business day and schedule office visits that are longer in duration and more in depth.  With no per visit fees and most common labs included in the cost of membership, most patients have no extra charges apart from the membership fee.  Labs and services not covered by membership are offered at 60-90% off retail pricing.  Members also have access to discounted rates for advanced imaging such as CTs and MRI which are less expensive than rates provided through insurance plans.  Employers can choose to cost share with employees by having them be responsible for non-membership charges or choose to  reimburse employees for these charges.  This provides employers with a stable, predictable monthly healthcare spending plan.  DPC is especially appealing to employer with self-funded insurance plans.  Trinity DPC has contracted with several area employers who are providing full service primary care to their employees.

If you have questions about which program might be best for your company please contact Leah Parker, Trinity’s Practice Administrator, at 539-0270 or Dr. Mark McColl, managing partner of Trinity Direct Primary Care, at 244-1800.

Here’s a helpful reference article describing some of the differences of Onsite Clinics and Direct Primary Care programs.

What is the difference between an Onsite Clinic and Direct Primary Care? by Tom Valenti