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Fill in the blank. I want to ___________.

We all have goals and aspirations for our lives that are going unmet.  Our dreams usually aren’t lofty.  They center around being with family, traveling, or maybe enjoying a favorite hobby.  What keeps us from achieving these goals?  For many of us, it is the physical challenge of playing in the backyard with younger, faster family members.  Maybe it is the inability to easily walk through the exotic city streets or along the trails of a National Park.  Sometimes it’s the after effects of a chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease.  Our bodies just aren’t working the way we want them to.  We want to change but don’t know where to start.

Trinity Medical Associates is pleased to announce the launch of our Wellness Nurse program.  Katie Ellis, a registered nurse and certified personal trainer, is now available for private, one-on-one visits at our VitalSigns facility in Hardin Valley to develop a personalized exercise and wellness program to help you achieve your goals.  During each half hour visit, Katie will work with you to develop a specific exercise plan for your ability and goals.  She can demonstration each exercise and train you to be comfortable performing these exercises.  Being part of our VitalSigns and Trinity team she will reinforce the medical plan you and your doctor developed, the nutritional information available through our medical nutrition management program, and the teaching provided through our various VitalSigns programs.  This is fully integrated healthcare at its best.  Nutrition, exercise, and wellness all working for one single purpose: the health and well-being of the patient.

Katie will also be participating in our upcoming VitalCoach program.  Participants will utilize their mobile devices to track their activities and receive regular feedback and coaching on their success.  National studies have shown that health coaching can increase a patient’s success at staying healthy and being active.  Stay tuned for more details.

If you’d like to schedule a Wellness Nurse appointment with Katie please call 539-0270.  Visits are $25 and billable to insurance for established Trinity patients.




Treadmill At Work!?

work treadmill


James Levine, an obesity expert at the Mayo Clinic who came up with the idea of the treadmill desk, told me that my experience was pretty typical. “There’s a tendency to want to jump on the treadmill and walk for hours and hours a day,” he says. “Don’t do that. Certainly, at the absolute maximum, do half-hour on, half an hour off, for two to three hours a day.”

That’s a relief. That’s about what I’m doing. Levine says that since the 1960s, work spaces have been designed to minimize movement. It’s a culturally ingrained mindset, he says, which dominates much of our lives today.

“You could literally spend your entire adult life from graduation to coffin entry without leaving your apartment, without getting up,” he says.

Research suggests that walking at a slow pace of <1.4 miles per hour can help boost concentration and focus while at work. Difficult tasks may still benefit from sitting, however, if your workplace is conducive-give it a try. Treadmill desks start at around $800-1200 but Kerry, our lab tech was able to find a generic walking treadmill online for around $175 and then purchased a drafting table for around $125.


Photo: Lyndsie (scribe and personal trainer at our Maryville office trying Kerry’s new office treadmill desk).