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Coming Soon: Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley

I am pleased to announce that Trinity is in the final stages of developing a satellite office in Hardin Valley.  I plan on opening in January 2016 and will be staffing this clinic full time.  Being board certified in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, I’m excited to be able to provide a full spectrum of primary care services to all ages of the Hardin Valley community.

I have wanted to develop this office for many years.  Having grown up in Farragut and lived in Hardin Valley for a total of 11 years, I have longed desired to have a small community focused clinic that serves my neighbors.  The building is just a couple blocks down Hardin Valley Road from Trinity’s wellness center, VitalSigns.  I think this proximity will add to Trinity’s ability to focus on the patient as a whole person.  Caring for a person’s medical and spiritual needs as well as providing them the ability to learn better nutrition and physical fitness has become the hallmark of Trinity’s treatment paradigm.

This office will operate in a unique way that continues Trinity’s mission to break down the two barriers patients most often have to obtaining quality primary care: high cost and limited access.  Over the years, Trinity has innovated new ways to lower the cost of health care.  We’ve done this with individuals, within local corporations, and now, with the opening of our Hardin Valley office, for an entire community.

Additionally, Trinity has long held that patients should have easy access to their physicians and staff.  We’ve developed better ways over the years to allow more simple communication avenues.  Most recently, the patient portal allows patients to directly contact the clinical staff.  I want to innovate this access one step further.  A conversation about a patient’s concerns should be able to evolve using whatever means make sense: a phone call, an email, or an office visit as necessary.  Not all good care has to take place in an exam room and leave you with one less arm and leg on your way out.  I’ll explain more about this unique practice model in another post.

I know change can be hard and, unfortunately, this move will not be beneficial for all of my patients.  I know some patients will join me but many will not.  It’s the part I’ve dreaded for the three years I’ve been working on this project.  For those patients wishing to stay at the main office at Fort Sanders West we have a transition plan that should allow you to smoothly establish with one of our physicians without interruption in your care.  I don’t know of a better way to continue to seek the best possible medical care for my patients then to entrust them to my fellow physicians at Trinity.  They are to whom I entrust my own family’s care.

I’ll be posting more information about the new office as it becomes available as well as the unique model of practice I will employ.



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  1. Ok, so I received a letter about this just yesterday. So if I want to continue seeing you as a Primary I will need to what? Pay for visits out of pocket and submit my own claim to my insurance? As you/this office will not be submitting insurance claims?

    Or the alternative is I get another Primary on my own or possibly from your referral of another MD there at Trinity?

    Is this a fair understanding as I have it? Cause I don’t know that I by my insurance can do this……I don’t know without the facts.

    Michael Townsend

    • Mr. Townsend, Thanks for getting in touch with me about the change. Trinity is launching our new program, Direct Primary Care, for our Hardin Valley office and part of our Maryville office only. This model allows patients to be a member of these offices where they receive unlimited visits and communication with their physician and no per visit cost for a monthly membership price. That membership price is typically less than the cost of one office visit if it were applied to the patient’s deductible. Along with extended access, routine testing and blood work is included as well as the yearly flu vaccination. We can offer this cost saving plan by not utilizing insurance to pay for the cost of routine care. Insurance has never been cost effective at paying things we have to buy anyway. It seems best used for the unlikely and unexpected events of life. So we will be offering this new model for patients wanting to save on their out of pocket costs as well as achieve improved access. We recognize this isn’t for everyone though. Any of my patients not wanting to make that transition can be reassigned to another physician in the practice. All the other physicians at Trinity’s Fort Sanders West office will remain in the fee-for-service model. I hope this helps clarify some things and please feel free to contact me with further questions. Either of the emails provided with the letter will get you in touch with me.
      Mark B McColl, MD

    • Mrs. Abner, the office should open in May. We just cleared a major hurdle with county zoning last week. I’d love to have you all transfer with me when it opens. Feel free to sign up whenever you wish. Your membership will start at the first visit.

  2. Hi. I just started working with Dr. Pardue at your main location and am pressed with all your facilities and staff there thus far in addition to your overall thought leadership, online presence and — of course — VitalSigns.

    I live near Hardin Valley. ***Question***: Will you have a dispensary at your new Hardin Valley facility?

    Best wishes on your HV opening. I’ve been watching your progress and love this concept.

    • A.G., thanks for writing and I’m glad you’re working with Dr. Pardue. He’s been a thought leader in wellness for decades and continually challenges the practice to keep on the cutting edge of health care in that field.

      Our HardinValley office has plans to dispense medications for patients enrolled in the Direct Primary Care program. We think our paints would benefit from a lower cost alternative for some of their prescriptions. As the office opens we’ll be talking more with our members about what will be offered and how that system will work.

      Thanks again for your interest. Let me know if you have other DPC related questions too.


  3. Hello Dr. McColl. I haven’t seen you in a while. Do I have to see another doctor at the west location or can i see you? I have Humana Ins. Also my soon to be wife is looking for a primary care doctor and right now she has tencare. What are your thoughts on who she and i should see? Thank you
    Robert Buck

    • Mr. Buck, good to hear from you and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I would welcome both of you into the new Direct Primary Care program if you wish. The DPC program operates on a month to month membership basis and does not process insurance. Since the program is not bound by the restrictions of insurance I can offer longer appointments and communication by phone and email as needed. Also, there are no per visit costs. So if an issue comes up that requires multiple visits there is no copay to pay each time. Most common labs and testing needed are included in membership so that many patients have no further out of pocket expense. Many patients with insurance find they save money in our program especially if they have a high deductible. Why pay insurance based prices for insurance regulated care when you can get more access for much less cost? Feel free to contact me at the office at 244-1800. You can sign up for the program through the home page via the “SIGN UP NOW” button. Let me know how I can help.
      Dr. McColl

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