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Cream Cheese Pinwheels

GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! As Steph reminded us last weekend….IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!! Here is another fast and easy appetizer option! Its cheap, easy, and goes a LONG way!!! It can be prepared in advanced and enjoyed by many!!



2 blocks of cream cheese

1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Mix (you can do 1 1/2- 2 if you want a little more “kick” :)

1 package (8) of Low carb tortilla wraps (any flavor)- I use the Xtreme Wellness, Low Carb, High Fiber wraps (found at Ingles, Kroger, Food City, and Wal-mart; 5 net carbs/ tortilla)



Mix cream cheese and Ranch mix

Spread a thin layer over each of the low carb wraps

Roll wrap tightly and place in a large zip-lock bag

Place in fridge overnight

Next day: cut into 1/2 inch pinwheels and dip in salsa!!!


This appetizer is always a huge hit and it is soooo incredibly quick and easy! You can add ham or turkey to the roll ups for additional protein! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but they look very “festive” on a platter w/ salsa in the center. They look like you spent LOTS of time, but it only takes a few minutes to prepare (sneaky :)!!) A tip when spreading the cream cheese mixture; it can be messy! I lay out wax paper, or press-n-seal on the counter top and lay out the tortillas on top of that, this way when I spread the cream cheese mixture I can cover them COMPLETELY to the edge without making a huge mess! You want to cover them to the edge so that EACH bite has a great flavor. This is a great appetizer to take to football parties, wedding or baby showers, or church events! I always encourage my patients to take something healthy and this is a great “go-to”! ENJOY and GO VOLS!!!!




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