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Direct Primary Care information

Just two quick reminders about Direct Primary Care.

1.  The next DPC informational meeting and open forum will be this Saturday, December 5th at 10am in the main lobby of Trinity’s Fort Sanders West office.  I’ll present an overview of the program as well as why Trinity built this program for our community and offer a time to ask questions.  We’ve had a great set of questions at prior meetings so I encourage everyone interested to attend.

2.  Don’t forget on this Cyber Monday that patients signing up before January 1st will have the registration fee of $125 waived.  You can sign up at


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    • Mr. Weaver,
      The requirements for the Affordable Care Act pertain to health INSURANCE. Our Direct Primary Care program is designed to provide health CARE. Many patients who have found their insurance premiums skyrocket have turned to high deductible plans to lower their costs. Additionally, many patients are exploring the various cost sharing programs like Samaritans Ministries and Liberty Direct. These cost sharing programs carry an exemption from having to meet the ACA requirements for insurance. Regardless of which type of health insurance patients obtain, patients typically still have to pay for care. Our goal is to lower the cost of care and improve the level of personal service to our patients.

      Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to come to our next informational meeting which will be held next Saturday, January 30th at the main office.

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