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Grandma’s cough remedy

Every fall those annoying respiratory infections start getting passed around.  Most are short lived and minor. They don’t require antibiotics or homeopathic medications to resolve. Thankfully, our body will cure itself if given enough time. 

However, there are lots of options to help improve symptoms while the body is clearing the infection. One over-the-counter ‘medicine’ that has long been used for soothing a sore throat or calming a bad cough is honey. In a study of children with a cough that was disrupting their sleep, researchers compared a spoonful of honey, specifically buckwheat honey given its dark color and presumably higher antioxidant content, to dextromethorphan, the leading OTC cough suppressant, and a placebo.  Then they polled the parents on which children slept better. The parents didn’t know which therapy their children had received.

The study showed that the parents reported a better night sleep in the children who had received the honey.  So next time you’re suffering through a bad cold consider how wise your grandmother was in offering you good food as the best medicine.  Remember that children under one year of age should not eat honey.  

Found at my local Food City

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I agree that honey is great for coughs & sore throats. In these parts we use Tupelo honey which is made here in Bay County, FL. They say it is also good for “burns” but who the heck wants to pour honey on a burn? That is one theory I don’t think I will be testing ;)

    Hope all is well,

    Your old pal Mike

    • Great to hear from you Mike. Hope you all are well too. There are some good studies looking at honey on non-healing wounds. The results showed that Manuka honey, a monofloral honey from New Zealand, had the most impressive results but several of the other flavors worked well too. I try and pick up a bottle of Tupelo honey whenever I’m down that way. Good stuff.

      Take care

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