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I was recently featured on the “Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast” hosted by Dr. John-Mark Chesney.

I had an opportunity to discuss my growing concern over the high number and increasingly lower age of patients presenting with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and about how we are able to reverse and cure diabetes and other metabolic disease. I also tell the story of how I got into the field of medicine and why I helped start and continue to grow Vital Signs.

I’d love for you listen to the interview/ podcast→ Click HERE

As a special thank, Dr. John-Mark has 2 great gifts for the Vital Signs community:

If you are currently suffering from back, neck, shoulder, knee, or any other lingering pain- and looking for some help, Dr. John-Mark has reserved 3 spots available for a free Discovery Visit (valued at $143).

These appointments are in high demand- and only for those serious and motivated about finding real solutions for ending your lingering pain. Claim yours before they are gone. For more information about claiming a Discovery Visit- CLICK HERE.

If you have some minor issues with a nagging pain and are looking for some helpful tips- then request a “Defeat Your Pain Guide” for FREE!

**These E-Books will be available through the end of September- so don’t delay! **









Enjoy the podcast and the free offers!

Dr. Pardue

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