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Sad to say goodbye as Dr. Schupp moves to Missouri

For nearly 6 years, Dr. Angie Schupp was a part of Trinity’s physician staff.  After serving in the middle east as missionaries for fourteen years, they were called back to the states to finish raising their children.  God’s call in their hearts brought them to Knoxville and to Trinity and we were blessed to receive them.  Dr. Schupp brought a spiritual fervor and determination to reach her patients and impact our office.  She initiated several valuable medical protocols and habits within the practice that will continue to bear fruit for many years.

Since 2010, her husband, Rick, a pastor, has been actively seeking a new pastorate at which he could serve.  Having many ties to St. Louis they were open to moving and he received a call to a local church.  Although the desire to serve was long standing, the call occurred quickly.  Within a matter of weeks Dr. Schupp and her family were house hunting and packing their boxes.  Just last week, Dr. Schupp worked her final day at Trinity.

Join us in wishing them well and praying for their continued work for His glory in their new city.




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  1. I have been a patient of Dr. Schuups for about three years and have enjoyed her very much. She is so concerned for her patients’ well being and is so sweet, I will miss her. I wish nothing but the best for her and her family.

  2. So very glad you were blessed with this opportunity. We will miss you very much. It has been a pleasure trading family stories with you.

  3. We have been Dr. Schupps patient since January 2012 when we moved to Knoxville and have enjoyed being her patients since then. So caring and concerned about her patient’s health. Thank you Dr. Schupp for all your prayers. We wish you and your family all the best in a new city. Stay well, for sure we all will miss you.

  4. Oh this makes me sad! Dr. Schupp has been our pediatrician for three years. We love her! Praying for her and her family as they follow God’s calling.

  5. Oh no! Was just told Dr Schupps is gone while making an appointment. So sad to see she has left the practice. She was a blessing in making you feel that she really cared about you. Her prayers with me and my granddaughter was so very welcoming. Wish all doctors did this. I pray the best for her and her family, she will be missed.

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