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What happens when health insurance no longer equates to health care? 

How do we find quality health care when there is so much confusion about health insurance? 

When health insurance becomes unaffordable, how do we afford health care?

Trinity Medical Associates has developed a Direct Primary Care program that offers a low cost option for patients desiring to control out of pocket expenses yet needing easier or more frequent access to their physician.  Direct Primary Care is a subscription style of primary care where patients have easy access to their physician via phone and email during the business day, have no per visit cost, and are encouraged to take their time at office visits.  Health care needs to be about the patient again and with Direct Primary Care it is!

Mark B McColl, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, will be directing the Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley office and Jackie Hone, MD, board certified in Family Practice, will be directing the Trinity Direct office in Maryville.

All members of the Direct Primary Care program receive the following benefits with monthly membership:

  • 25 medically necessary visits per year with additional contact by phone or email as needed
  • No per visit copay
  • Direct phone access to the physician or office staff during the business day
  • Direct email access to the physicians or staff.
  • Same and next business day appointment availability
  • 24/7 telephone coverage through Trinity Medical Associates on call physician services
  • Longer more focused visits.  The standard visit will be 30 mins in length withphysicals lasting one hour.
    • “If we need more time, we will take more time.” -Dr. McColl
  • Most in-office testing is included such as rapid strep test and rapid flu test
  • Most routine blood work is included such as Cholesterol testing, Kidney function, Liver function, Thyroid testing, and Diabetes labs.
  • Blood work not covered by membership is offered at a 60-90% discount from retail prices.
  • Most in-office diagnostics are included such as EKG, Audiometry, and Spirometry
  • Yearly influenza vaccination when available

Monthly membership is based on age with children being less than $1/day, adults being less than $2/day, and seniors being less than $3/day.


If you have more questions contact our DPC coordinator at 244-1800 or

Check out their website here:

Trinity Direct Primary Care

To sign up go to

You can read more of our blog posts about DPC here and here and here

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  1. I have signed up for DPC for my family but would like to have the premium membership. The enrollment page didn’t allow me to select that option. Will that option be provided once membership is confirmed?

  2. I am concerned about losing Dr. Hone as a primary care Dr. at the Maryville office because of this new venture.
    What happens to her current patients ? Do I have to find another Dr?

    Please Advise

    • Mr. Copper,
      Thank you for your question and concern. We share the frustration you express at having to make a change. Launching the Direct Primary Care office in Maryville is one way we can reduce any future changes. In this model, patients are free to see the doctor they choose and doctors are free to put patients first in all the decision making. Dr. Hone’s current patients can individually decide to join her in this venture or stay on at Trinity under the care of Dr. Smith and his staff. Dr. Smith will remain in the classic, insurance based, fee-for-service model with the exception that he has opted out of Medicare.

      You can sign up at or contact the Maryville front office to transition to Dr Smith.

  3. Is this program for current patients, or are you accepting new patients? My husband and I would like to sign up, but are not currently patients at Trinity.

    • This program is for anyone in our community whether you’re a current patient or not. Lots of people are struggling in the current health care economy and Trinity is trying to help reach them. We want to offer lower cost and better access to anyone who needs it. Everyone is invited to explore this option and see if it is right for them and their needs.


  4. How exciting! One final question: we have to change insurance companies in January. Is it better to go with an insurance company that has Trinity in their network in case of emergencies? I understand that we will not use insurance for our visits, but if I have something major come up I would like to be able to have my Trinity doctor in the loop. Advice?

    • I think that is a very good idea. If life throws you a curve ball and the DPC program no longer makes sense for you then we’d love you to still find a medical home at Trinity’s main office. I hate long term contracts because I’m not very good at predicting the future. So we designed our DPC program with a month to month contract. We don’t want anyone to feel stuck in a program that isn’t meeting their needs.

  5. Is there a family monthly plan or is it just broken down per person in the family?
    Does the membership cover the pharmacy or a discount?
    Also do you have any affordable suggestions for being covered if you have to see a specialist or surgeon?

    Thank you

    • Mr. Weber, Thank you for your questions. We offer memberships per person per month but provide for a family maximum of two parents with three kids. Families with more than three kids do not pay any extra. Some families don’t sign everyone up but only include those individuals for whom they wish to be in the membership. For instance, I have several families that only sign their kids up or only sign the parents up depending on the situation.

      The membership doesn’t provide for any discount in the pharmacy. Our dispensary at our FSW office already offers incredibly affordable prices compared to other pharmacies in town. However, I always sit and work through the cost of patient’s medications and find the best local deal depending on the situation. I use which is a free resource that has saved many of my patients $100s of dollars on monthly costs.

      Specialists and surgeons are highly variable. Sometimes it is best to stay on a traditional plan due to the expected cost of upcoming surgery. Sometimes people want to be creative and are willing to travel for less expensive surgery. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma City offers cash based pricing on surgery. Check out their website for exact pricing on common surgeries. It’s a great concept. For specialists, sometimes patients don’t need to see the specialist as frequent in a DPC membership as more time can be spent at each visit.

      If you’re interested in learning how DPC might work for you or your family please call 244-1800 and arrange a consult visit. We offer a one hour private conversation about the details of your particular health situation where I can present to you the approach I might take for those concerns. It is kind of like a second opinion. It is detailed and specific but we don’t provide therapy or institute treatment. That way you learn if the DPC membership might work in your specific situation but don’t have any obligations other than the cost of the visit. The visit costs $60 and the cost can be applied to your registration fee if you sign up within the month of the visit.

      Let me know if you have further questions. I can be reached directly at 244-1800 or at

      Thanks again
      Dr. McColl

    • Consider joining us for our next open house this Friday at 12:30pm at the Hardin Valley office. We’ll have a short discussion on the DPC program and how it fits with your healthcare and health insurance needs.

    • Our Direct Primary Care program is a low cost option to provide personal and relational healthcare. We are not in the insurance business as we have found that those with easy access to high quality healthcare also find insurance less worrisome. Most DPC members carry some form of insurance such as a high deductible plan or belong to a cost sharing program like Samaritan’s Ministeries which exempts you from the ACA penalty. If you’d like more information on how our program works and on Samaritan’s Ministries please stop by the Hardin Valley office next week to pick up some information. We can also give you contact information on several insurance brokers who understand how DPC can work with various options.

    • Great to hear you’d like to join. It’s very easy. On our home page of there is a “sign up now” button. That will take you through the sign up process. There is a $125 registration fee that is billed at your first appointment. It covers the first month of membership. Then membership is billed after the month of service (in arrears) and is based on age. Adults less than 65 years old are $60 a month. Older adults are $90 per month. We do recommend patients carry an insurance plan adequate for their financial situation. Purely catastrophic plans are difficult to find and are usually not ACA qualified. Some patients pick more traditional plans with very high deductibles and other use the cost sharing ministries like Samaritans Ministries.

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