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In the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors each choice has the possibility of winning.  In the pursuit of health, patients often want to play a similar game of Diet-Exercise-Medication.

Patients, one of which I am known to be from time to time, like to eat.  They like to eat food that tastes good and makes them happy.  So our choice of diet tends to be unintentionally lax and undisciplined.  However, we most often claim that our poor health and obesity is due to not exercising enough.  It’s a pretty easy target to pick on because virtually everyone feels like they could exercise more.  Even athletes admit they could shoot for a higher goal.  We do all that while failing to recognize how far off a good dietary plan we really are.  The thought is that EXERCISE BEATS DIET.  If only we could exercise more, we’d be healthy.

Well, as exercise gets better and better but health actually becomes worse and worse, patients and physicians start turning to medications hoping to forestall what appears to be inevitable.  We try this new cholesterol drug and ask about that new diabetes drug which, generally speaking, are fantastic advancements in the pharmaceutical arts.  We become so very thankful for technological achievements that allow us to bolster our failing body.  I’m eternally grateful to Salvino D’Armante who allowed me to see my beautiful wife from across the room by inventing corrective lenses around 1285 A.D.  Yet we know these achievements fail to truly make us healthy.  They bolster not cure.  Even still, at our core, we know we can’t exercise forever.  Eventually we must stop and eventually our disorders and dysfunctions and diseases  will get the better of us.  We inherently hope that MEDICATION BEATS EXERCISE.  Maybe they’ll find a cure one day.

What I have learned and what I try to teach myself everyday is this: DIET BEATS EVERYTHING.  Your food choices will dictate your health more than any other factor.  You will never be able to out exercise a bad diet but you can always out eat good medication.  It is easy for me to eat such that I still have a heart attack after finishing the Appalachian Trail (my version of marathon running).  DIET BEATS EXERCISE.   It is easy for me to eat such as to develop diabetes and go blind never to see my wife again.  DIET BEATS MEDICATION.

Focus today on what you eat.  Focus right now on making your next meal better, healthier, and more life-giving.  Stop eating the poison however pretty or tasty or fulfilling it might be. (Desires of the eyes, desires of the flesh, pride of life, anyone?  1 John 2:16)

If you don’t know how to change, call me.  My office number is 539-0270.  Call it right now.  Call my office and set up some time with me or our Medical Nutrition Management Counselors.  These board certified, medical professionals are experts at helping you make your dietary plan one that beats anything else you will ever do to be healthy and functional.



Let food be thy medicine…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” is a well-known quote attributed to Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

My encouragement for you today is simple. Don’t take a medication simply to avoid eating healthy food. Or perhaps, don’t take a medication in the belief you are free to eat unhealthy food.

For most of our modern diseases we can stall or slow the progression with proper medicines, but we virtually never cure them. Good food and good exercise does cure many common problems though.

Consider this idea the next time you take your medications. Ask yourself which of these medicines would my doctor stop prescribing if I only ate well and exercised a little bit more.

Come talk to your doctor and let’s get started.


The best grocery store should be in your backyard

The best food often comes from your own backyard. Home gardens and homesteading farms are less common these days but certainly sustained the thriving nations for centuries.

Consider this: anything at the grocery store you could conceivably produce in your own backyard (given the freedom of time and friendlier HOA by-laws) is probably what you should eat. I’ve never seen a Teddy Grahams bush or livestock that gives Gatorade when milked.

If you couldn’t grow it, shepherd it, milk it, or harvest it in your own backyard then maybe you shouldn’t eat it.


Backyard eggs