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Direct Primary Care Presentation and Open House

I will be hosting the next presentation on Trinity’s Direct Primary Care program this Saturday, October 29th at 12:30pm at the Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley office located at 10437 Hardin Valley Rd.  Feel free to come hear about the program, ask questions, and view the new office.  Overflow parking will be at the church next door, Hardin Valley Church, which is just east of our office.

In this time of year as so many people are having to change their health INSURANCE coverage, this is an opportunity to hear how you can obtain lower cost, personable, and relational healthCARE regardless of which insurance you might have.

If you have more questions feel free to call 244-1800 to reach the Hardin Valley office or email me directly at




Direct Primary Care June Newsletter

Direct Primary Care News

There are lots of important happenings this summer for Trinity’s Direct Primary Care!

  • Tennessee’s Health Care Empowerment Act goes into effect July 1st.  We’re very excited to be able to offer Direct Primary Care to all Tennesseans this year.  With this Act, patients covered by Medicaid or TennCare will now be able to take advantage of DPC programs.  Previously, TennCare refused coverage for any services or prescriptions written by a non-contracted physician.  Patients seeking care from a DPC physician would not be eligible to use any of their TennCare insurance benefits.  This law allows for these patients to have TennCare approve and cover orders, prescriptions, and services for which they are already eligible in the normal fashion instead of denying care.  More care equals a healthier Tennessee.

Out of the office dates:  Converting to DPC has been a tremendous challenge but has yielded so many rewards.  One of them is the ability to spend more time with our families free from the burden of bureaucratic paperwork.  Here are the dates we’ll be out of the office this month.

  • Dr. Hone is out the office June 6th through 10th.  Her nurse practitioner, Sherrie Corgan, FNP, will be covering all of the Maryville DPC patients that week.  Dr. McColl will also be available in the Knoxville office if needed.  Dr. Hone will not be checking email while she is out.  Please contact the Maryville office at 982-0835 for any patient needs.
  • Dr. McColl is out of the office June 20th through 24th.  Dr. McColl’s DPC patients may utilize Trinity’s Walk In Clinic that week for urgent needs with visits and services being covered under the same terms as their membership.  Office visits will carry no per visit fee with labs and procedures billed at the usual DPC rate.  Dr. Hone will be available in the Maryville office if needed.  Please contact the main office at 539-0270 for any clinical needs.  Dr. McColl will not be checking email while he is out.
  • As always, DPC patients can contact Mel Moss, DPC coordinator, at 244-1800 for any administrative or billing questions.

Moving on up!  Both DPC offices are hard at work renovating their new office spaces to better serve  DPC patients.

  • Trinity Direct Medical Care, the official name of the new Maryville office, has plans to open the new office during the week of June 13th!  The new location is right down the hill from their other office and is located at 1515 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway.  Patients with appointments scheduled that week will be notified at their appointment reminder of the location change.  Once they are open for business, they will be publishing their new phone and fax numbers.  Until otherwise notified, please continue to use the current number, 982-0835, for any patient needs.
  • Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley is in the home stretch of renovations.  For the next couple of weeks, there will be a flurry of activity on site including exterior painting and stone work, concrete driveway pouring, and even the installation of a new fire hydrant as they look towards opening in July.  For those who haven’t seen the new location please feel free to drive by.  It is located at 10437 Hardin Valley Rd and is 0.5 miles east of the Pellissippi Parkway intersection.  They will be keeping the main DPC number of 244-1800 as the new office number

What is Direct Primary Care?

Since I announced the addition of a Direct Primary Care program to the services offered through Trinity I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback and support.  I’m excited to see the first patients start signing up for the program even though it doesn’t start until January 1st, 2016.

Many people have asked me to provide a short summary of the program and it’s benefits for the average patient.  I could write a lot about why I like this model so much but will try to keep it brief.

The two biggest advantages of this program are the lower cost of providing care and the increased accessibility.  First, with the removal of insurance overhead this office can provide a full range of services at a very low price.  I can only do this by cancelling my contracts with insurance companies to allow a lower than allowable cost.  Most services are inexpensive enough to simply be included in the monthly membership price.  Others can be offered at exceptional discounts.  Second, having more time to counsel over the phone, communicate via email, and spend face to face with each patient allows for more personalized therapies.  I’ve long said that the most valuable thing I have to offer my patients is my focused attention on their concerns bringing to bear my understanding and expertise to their personal, individual situation.  I want to build an office that accentuates those opportunities.

Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley as a Direct Primary Care office will offer the following benefits with membership:

  • Unlimited medically necessary visits in person, over the phone, or via email as appropriate to the situation
  • No per visit copay
  • Direct phone access to me and my office staff during the business day
  • Direct email access to me (
  • Same and next business day appointment availability
  • 24/7 telephone coverage through Trinity Medical Associates on call physician services
  • Longer more focused visits.  The standard visit will be 30 mins in length with physicals lasting one hour.
  • Most in-office testing is included such as rapid strep test and rapid flu test
  • Most routine blood work is included such as Cholesterol testing, Kidney function, Liver function, Thyroid testing, Hgb A1c
  • Most in-office diagnostics are included such as EKG, Audiometry, and Spirometry
  • Yearly influenza vaccination

Membership is $30/month for children up to 22 years of age, $60/month for adults, and $90/month for those 65 years of age and older.  The family plan covers two married adults and all their children at $210/month.  The enrollment fee is waived with sign up prior to January 1st, 2016.  After that the enrollment fee covers the first month of membership with payment.

For those interested in aggressively pursuing better health we’ve added an increased membership level that covers VitalSigns Wellness center membership, VitalMeals enrollment (our email meal planning service), and monthly visits with Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Coaching, or Biblical counseling.  This is designed to give members all the tools necessary to make their health a success story.

I invite everyone with questions to contact me at or Mel Moss, the DPC office coordinator, at  If you already think this is something you’re interested in you can sign up at

Below you’ll find a copy of our flyer.




First Principles: Listen to your patient

At the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis where I attended medical school I had many excellent teachers.  These teachers spent countless hours at patient bedsides personally instructing me and my classmates using the principles established by Sir William Osler, MD.  In the early 1900’s, Dr. Osler pioneered the teaching method of bringing students to the patient bedside to learn first-hand how to take a patient history, perform a physical exam, and then develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.  Among Dr. Osler’s many attributes was his adamant belief that good physicians always centered their care on the patient.  His most well known saying is “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis” which emphasizes the importance of the patient and their story.

My practice has always tried to take this principle to heart in both patient care and in the way we run the practice.  This has been such a core belief that they are allowing me to embark on a grand adventure that attempts to solve two of the major hurdles I hear my patients tell me they have: the rising cost of routine healthcare and the growing difficulty of routine communication with me as their physician.  I alluded to this in my last post about Trinity’s planned Hardin Valley clinic which I will staff, and Dr. Smith has recently written about it as well in two recent posts: here and here.

The first major hurdle I hear patients have is the rising cost they are having to shoulder to obtain routine primary care.  Unexpected, serious medical problems are known to be expensive (although that is changing too, check out the Surgery Center of Oklahoma) but what many of my patients have wondered is why routine medical care is becoming more expensive.  In fact however, most routine care has become less expensive in the last ten years while the amount that an average patient is responsible for has gone up.  The percentage that patients pay out of pocket has risen even as the cost has come down.

Across the nation, primary care offices are attempting to solve this problem by transitioning to a model of practice called Direct Primary Care.  As high deductible plans become the norm and many remain uninsured, we realize that patients are getting little benefit in cost reduction at a primary care office from having insurance.  At Trinity the allowable (the amount an insurance company reimburses for services) is essentially the same price that someone without insurance pays.  Since each insurance company has a different allowable we’ve made an effort to make our prices as equitable as possible.  We have fought to keep an even playing field for the insured and uninsured alike.  In many venues, the cash price and the insured price are markedly different bolstering the fear we have of a large medical bill.

But what would happen to the cost of care if we simply decided not to utilize insurance for something they aren’t going to pay for anyway?  For instance, if my daughter sees her pediatrician for strep throat my insurance won’t pay any of that visit due to our high deductible.  What would happen to the cost to provide her care if her pediatrician doesn’t have to try to bill or collect from our insurer.  If the doctor doesn’t have to account for the overhead from dealing with insurance then he could charge less for the same care.  In fact, in a Direct Primary Care model the cost to deliver routine medical care without the burden of a bureaucratic overlord becomes so inexpensive as to only cost about $2 a day for most adults.  Imagine being able to have almost all of a typical adult’s primary care medical needs paid for for less than an average cell phone bill.  Children are even less expensive coming in around $1 per day.

The second major hurdle I hear from patients is the difficulty they have connecting with me when they have a need.  Within Trinity, as we’ve doubled and tripled in size in the last nine years, we expanded our phone room staffing, improved patient’s ability to direct their call, added the patient portal that allows for necessary HIPAA compliant secure direct messaging with the clinical staff, and continued to have 24/7 direct access to the on call physician (740-6436) as many other practices have transitioned to a nurse triage service.  Even still, it can be a challenge to get quick feedback for a patient.  Every patient I have inherently knows that when they call my office there is a 0% chance I will answer the phone.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if time with your physician in whatever venue seems fitting is valued and encouraged?  Why do only office visits constitute active care?

So what avenues of communication can be utilized if the first major hurdle is overcome by arranging for care outside of insurance?  Virtually any of them.  In many Direct Primary Care practices, patients and their physicians communicate by whatever means they feel are appropriate.  There are no longer restrictions and limitations as the care being provided can be fluid and evolve to fit the need.  Patients often continue to utilize secure messaging through a patient portal but often a direct email to their physician replaces it.  Phone calls to the office change from a phone tree based menu to the nurse (or even physician) having the freedom to answer first.  How much simpler would it be if I could answer my patient’s phone calls directly?

While these changes are bold and drastic, Trinity feels like something needs to be done.  We want to help our patients and continue to listen to their needs; trying to solve these problems as best we can.  So as I embark on the journey of a new satellite clinic in Hardin Valley I will be transitioning to this model of practice.  I’m not sure if I’m the guinea pig or perhaps the tip of the spear but either way I’m stepping out with the support of my colleagues attempting to help our patients.  Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley will be a Direct Primary Care practice while the rest of the physicians at Trinity Medical Associates in Fort Sanders West will continue unchanged in their practice.  We want to innovate and experiment ways to help our patients but aren’t so foolish as to put all our eggs in one basket.  Trinity Medical Associates at Fort Sanders West will remain unchanged in their insurance plans and coverages and staff.  They will continue to provide the high level of primary care our patients deserve.

I’ll be providing the details of my Direct Primary Care office in mailers arriving this week but a short summary of Direct Primary Care principles can be found here.

I know Direct Primary Care solves many problems for patients but it doesn’t solve them all. I think it affords the flexibility to grow into an even better solution as more communities recognize its value.  Trinity has chosen to continue their mission to innovate better healthcare and I’m thankful they are allowing me to build a better healthcare experience in primary care.