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Direct Primary Care open house tomorrow in Maryville

Trinity Direct of Maryville will host their monthly open house tomorrow, May 17th, from noon to 1pm.  Dr. Hone and her staff will be on hand to discuss the DPC program, its benefits, and options.  Please come to hear how a Direct Primary Care membership offers improved access to less expensive primary care.

Don’t wait for Washington or Nashville to decide how you should obtain your healthcare.  You can be part of a healthcare revolution and take back ownership.

Bring your questions and your friends.  This will be an informative and educational time.

For more information call the Trinity Direct of Maryville office at 980-8551.

The office is located at 1515 E. Lamar Alexander Blvd. Maryville, TN 37804.


Direct Primary Care Open House Today

Please join us today at Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley for this month’s open house.  Dr. McColl will discuss the Direct Primary Care program, benefits, and details. In this time of health insurance uncertainly and political policy changes, Trinity DPC is establishing as its sole priority the healthcare of patients. DPC allows patients to take charge of their own care with the help of a trusted physician regardless of insurance coverage.  It stops the progression of vending machine medicine and returns healthcare back to a conversation between a patient and their physician.

The open house will be from noon to 1pm.  Please feel free to attend, ask questions, and join the healthcare revolution. Call the DPC office at 244-1800 with questions.