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10 Weight Loss Hurdles

Mark Sisson author of Primal Blueprint  and host of Mark’s Daily Apple blog recently summed up some very common reasons why many people struggle to lose weight effectively.

You can find his blog post here: 10 Psychological Hurdles Keeping You From Losing Weight (and how to overcome them).

In my clinical practice I run into these all the time.  These are such common issues that I would say I’ve experienced several in my own life.  Take a look a them and see if any might fit you as well.  If so, consider making an appointment with your physician or our Wellness Nurse, Katie Ellis, to talk about them.  These are hurdles not road blocks.  With a little perspective we can recognize them as molehills not mountains. We can get over them, go around them, and even blast through them.


The secret to success

How many people do you know, I mean personally know, that have lost more than 25 lbs? What about 50lbs? 100 lbs? 200lbs? I dare say that very few of you personally know anyone who has lost 200lbs. Now throw in that it has to have been done without surgery or without weight loss drugs or fly-by-night clinics. They can’t have been on a game show either.

Terri Stewart, RN, CPT is one of our trainers and wellness coaches at VitalSigns. She has a phenomenal story of improving her health and losing 200lbs of excess weight all by doing the right thing. She worked hard and ate well. She specializes in walking with you through your own journey towards health.

You can connect with her at our VitalSigns facilities and even arrange an appointment to let her help you figure out a course of action to improve your own health.

Call VitalSigns at 249-7566 for more information or go online at


In case you are keeping score

We’ve documented 340 lbs of weight loss by lifestyle change by patients seen since we put our celebration wall up on Wednesday.  Six people have documented normalization of their numbers indicating their illnesses are under control.  One person has removed a diagnosis (ie, been cured) and one person has stopped a medication.

That’s all in three days.

Can’t wait for what happens next week.


Success stories

Yesterday afternoon we launched our celebration wall.  We have four different boards celebrating the different types of success seen when people change their lifestyle and nutritional habits.

The four boards are:

  1. Normal Numbers: People who have achieved normal blood sugars, blood pressure or cholesterol through lifestyle changes.
  2. Less of me equals more of me:  People who have lost 10 lbs through lifestyle changes.
  3. I’m not a problem: People that have resolved a diagnosis through lifestyle changes.
  4. One less medicine: People who have been able to stop using a medication due to health improvement through lifestyle changes.

We invite our patients to sign their names or initials to celebrate the success they’ve had.  It stands as a reminder and an encouragement to everyone moving towards their own success.

So far today we celebrate 170lbs of weight loss and we haven’t even had our afternoon clinic!

If you want help along your journey please give us a call and we’ll be glad to get you an appointment with our Nutritional Counselors or our Wellness Nurse.