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The end comes from the beginning

Being board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and working in a full spectrum primary care practice I get to see all types of people every day. Yesterday, for instance, I took care of a two week old and then went across the hall to care for a 99 year old. I absolutely love that part of my job.

That age difference also allows for me to gain a unique perspective on the choices we all have to make. I literally will walk out of one room having told a middle aged woman she has lung cancer to the next room only to find out a teenage girl had her first cigarette recently. I’ll counsel a diabetic on starting insulin then go meet a sixth grader who is 85lbs overweight.

When you can see the end of every new beginning it impresses upon me the urgent need to change our destiny. We must learn to choose differently and to choose wiser.

Watch this video and see what I mean. I warn you though it doesn’t pull any punches. I have seen a patient at every stage portrayed in that man’s life even the last one. At each stage we can choose differently and avoid the ending.

Come see us and learn about our wellness program and our nutritional counseling. This doesn’t have to be your destiny or the destiny of your child.

How does this happen?

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  1. I am a patient of Dr. Schupp, When I first started there at TMA I weighed over 300 lbs.
    I have lost 70 lbs. working with the Wellness program, under Terri Stewart and Christina Fowler’s guidance. I do not have words to say what they have done for me. I have gone through the Core program with Terri and still work out in one of her exercise groups. She
    keeps a very close eye on my food journals and works me hard sometimes, but I love it.
    She is one heck of a motivator, always has great recipes, is an absolute font of knowledge about fitness and is leading me on a fantastic spiritual journey. Christina is great also, she gently pushes me to make the right choices about food. I’m still on my learning curve about all the different aspects of my blood work so she patiently explains the changes and what it all means. My results have drastically improved, no longer pre-diabetic, cholesterol has dropped significantly, triglycerides have dropped, hdl has elevated, ldl has improved but I still have a way to go on that. So, yes indeed, the TMA team has changed my life completely. I will sing their praise forever!

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