Hardin Valley & Maryville

Is direct primary care the same as concierge care?
No. Typically concierge medicine involves the patient paying a retainer fee simply for being a member of the practice. Anytime services are rendered an additional charge is generated that is either paid directly by the patient or submitted to insurance. In Direct Primary Care the monthly membership fee covers the actual cost of care. All charges are for direct care.

Will all the doctors at Trinity Medical offer the direct primary care option to their patients?
No, only Dr McColl from the Knoxville office will run the Hardin Valley office and Dr Hone will run the Maryville office. Dr Smith is opting out of Medicare and will offer a DPC membership to those patients.

If I’m not currently a patient of a Trinity DPC physician, can I still join?
Absolutely. Everyone who finds this program beneficial is invited to join.

Is there a cap on how many patients you will accept into the program?
We have not defined a set number. We won’t grow past our ability to care for our members. Typically DPC practices have about 600 patients per physician.

Is the membership fee a one-time or recurring fee?
The fee is billed every month for the preceding month’s services.

Do you make house visits?
Not at this time. We may add that service in the future.

Do you make hospital visits for patients admitted?
Only as a courtesy if needed. Every local hospital utilizes hospital specific doctors to care for patients admitted. We will endeavor to work with those physicians both during and after a patient’s stay to coordinate care as much as possible.

What happens when you go on vacation and I need to see a doctor?
When one of the DPC physicians is out of the office for an extended period for vacation or continuing medical education members will be able to schedule acute and urgent visits with Trinity Medical Associates Knoxville office or Maryville office. Patients should not schedule routine follow ups or other non-acute visits during that time.

All of Trinity across all offices share the same electronic medical record so any physician helping patients needing advice or care when a DPC physician is not available will have access to the record if needed.

What happens if I get sick while traveling out of the state or the country?
As long as you have a working phone or email we should be able to help in some fashion. We will provide advice and, if appropriate, a treatment plan for that malady over the phone. Some problems can only be evaluated properly in person by a qualified physician. We will help determine the best course of action at that time.

Will I still need some type of additional insurance?
We recommend all patients carry the appropriate health insurance or be a member of a cost sharing program. The unexpected can be very expensive and we want you to be prepared for that event.

However with a DPC membership you may have more options for less expensive health insurance coverage given the majority of your healthcare needs will be met through the program.

What happens if I get sick at 2 A.M.? Do I come to your office or will I need to go to the emergency room?
Trinity has had a physician on call 24 hrs since the start of the practice 25 years ago. We will continue to offer advice and care over the phone if needed at 2 A.M. If that illness requires emergency care or evaluation the emergency room is always the best avenue.

Many problems that result in phone calls after hours do not require an emergency room visit in the middle of the night. Anyone who thinks they are suffering from a life threatening emergency should contact 911.

What if I need a routine preventive procedure that isn’t included in my plan, like a colonoscopy? Where do I go and how much will it cost?
We will help navigate your options. Many times we will be able to direct you to a low cost provider while other times utilizing insurance (if available) for those services might be the best option.

Can I file my membership fee myself with Medicare and expect to be reimbursed?
Absolutely not. Medicare requires a very specific written contract between the physician and the Medicare beneficiary that states this in very clear language.

Is the membership fee tax-deductible?
We are unable to provide tax or legal advice so can not speak definitely on this. The fee covers medical care provided by a qualified physician but it’s recommend you consult with your accountant as to the tax implications.

What happens if I need to see a specialist?
We will work to set up an appointment with a specialist aware of the cost concision nature of a Direct Primary Care member.

Be sure to review our DPC Hardin Valley Membership Benefits & Services and DPC Maryville Membership Benefits & Services, which will answer many of your questions around our Direct Primary Care program.

Still have questions? Call 865.244.1800 or email mbmccoll@secure.trinitymedical.net